Batik Exhibition






avicennia spp




Organic “batik” mangroves

Our supports on current social business through IGA models are still not yet met a commercial principle, less-profit and un-sustainable business. There are some reasons that include locations of community business activity are spread, done individually and not well organized; low production because no technology and lack of supervisions; no added values of the products that affect less price; markets of community products still depend on middle-men that give a loan for production; lack of processing and marketing skills among project staff and individual community who run social business; and no appropriate plan to organized scattered community business. Having Business Plan (BP) is a key of success to structure social business.

Produce Variety of Awareness and Branding Materials

Yagasu has produced various awareness and branding materials in the form of posters, leaflets, booklets, stickers, banners, billboards, signboards, fact-sheets featuring species and forest conservation, green-livelihood development, and climate change mitigation and adaptation issues. The series editions of newsletter including recent project issues, community economic activities, short articles, human-animal relationship history, comic and forest monitoring activities were also produced and disseminated to communities, including to women groups.

Public Engagement

Yagasu conducted 922 village- and district meetings and provincial workshops attended by 18,228 people to socialize our program and build local commitment and village policy endorsement. We agree to recruit “Panglima Laut” traditional person who in charge in fishery and marine issues in the sub-district as our stake-holder liaison with specific tusks to link with community groups and project monitoring.

Awareness Program

Yagasu conducted awareness programs using local cultural and tradition as a basis for education components for religious schools, women group and villagers. The attitude of local stakeholders to local's species and forest conservation will be addressed using local wisdom. Changing local people attitudes was also be part of the campaign through informing the multiple values and benefits of mangrove ecosystem and intact forests including values of watershed services and prevention of natural disasters that frequently occurred in Aceh and North Sumatra.

Sonneratia alba Fruits

Seperti bola, ujungnya bertangkai dan bagian dasarnya terbungkus kelopak bunga. Buah mengandung banyak biji (150-200 biji) dan tidak akan membuka pada saat telah matang. Ukuran: buah: diameter 3,5-4,5 cm.