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YAGASU is an Indonesian charity with over 19 years of practical experiences on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, capacity building, environmental education and local economic reconstruction through the facilitation of generating income for local communities on green livelihoods.

Legal operation. Yagasu was established as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) at the public notary “Risna Rahmi Arifa, SH” in Medan on July 17, 2001 (“Akte No 7”). Adjusted to the new Indonesian Foundation Law, the “Yayasan” was registered under the name of “Yayasan Gajah Sumatera (Yagasu) Aceh at the Public Notary “Sabaruddin Salam, S.H., SpN on 11 May 2006 (“Akte No. 81”) and it was certified by the Decree of Ministry of Law and Human Right Republic of Indonesia No. C-1192.HT.01.02.TH2007.

Our Philosophy


Aims. Organization aim is to fulfil a unique role – providing space and finance for environmental and community development program in:

  1. Species and forest conservation,
  2. Ecosystem restoration and protection;
  3. Climate change mitigation and adaptation, and
  4. Facilitation of income generation activities for local communities through sustainable eco-friendly business. 

Yagasu working principles :

  1. Address the priority actions that are urgently needed in the field;
  2. Respect the traditional and local cultural values, and remain politically neutral;
  3. Work through partnerships with local, national and international organizations;
  4. Work closely with local stakeholders and build local capacity if needed;
  5. Monitor and measure the outputs of each project and activity 

Yagasu activities include:

  1. Biodiversity conservation;
  2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation through ecosystem restoration and protection;
  3. Generating government policy support and public mandate;
  4. Scientific research and building networks;
  5. Revitalizing community capacity and building common heritage, identity and social visions; and
  6. Social business development. Since beginning 2020, Yagasu is restructuring the organization that focus on field implementation of land-use climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Head Office:
Jalan Sei Batu Gingging No. 69
Kel. PB Selayang I, Kec. Medan Selayang Medan 20131 INDONESIA
Telephone 62-61-4503773

Branch Office:
Jalan Tgk. Dianjong No. 667
Gampong Jawa, Kec. Kuta Raja
Banda Aceh 23128, INDONESIA
Telephone +62-651-23444

Branch Office:
Jalan M. Sungkono
Gg III No. 60 A Buring
Malang 65132 INDONESIA

Branch Office:
Jalan Dangdeur Indah III No. 14,
Sukagalih, Kec. Sukajadi, Kota Bandung 40163 INDONESIA

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Contributor image by YAGASU