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The use of video in the modern workplace is becoming increasingly important, especially as digital technology advances. It is a powerful tool for communication, education, and for improving efficiency and productivity. For the Yagasu team, video can help with further improvement and development. In addition, videos have the potential to reach a wider audience and create a strong impression.

In making performance reports of each program that runs, Yagasu always makes photo and video documentation which is done by a professional team so that the information conveyed can be understood by anyone.


West zone office:  

Jalan Sei Batu Gingging No. 69, Kel. PB Selayang I, Kec. Medan Selayang Medan 20131 INDONESIA, Telephone 62-61-4503773 

East zone office

Jalan KH Malik No. 50 A Buring – Malang 65132, INDONESIA, Telephone 62-341-7410010

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