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Program Impacts

Yagasu has successfully engaged local communities to plant more than 30 million new mangrove trees in 12,300 ha degraded areas. We also mobilized local Community Patrolling Unit (CPU) to protect 25,000 ha mangrove forests divided into 7 zones in Aceh- and North Sumatra province. The protection efforts will be scaled-up to 90,000 ha mangrove ecosystem covering 3 provinces: Aceh, North Sumatra and Riau province.

Head Office:
Jalan Sei Batu Gingging No. 69
Kel. PB Selayang I, Kec. Medan Selayang Medan 20131 INDONESIA
Telephone 62-61-4503773

Branch Office:
Jalan Tgk. Dianjong No. 667
Gampong Jawa, Kec. Kuta Raja
Banda Aceh 23128, INDONESIA
Telephone +62-651-23444

Branch Office:
Jalan M. Sungkono
Gg III No. 60 A Buring
Malang 65132 INDONESIA

Branch Office:
Jalan Pahlawan No. 3
Kampung Lembang
RT.03 RW.013, Desa Kiangroke
Bandung 40377 INDONESIA

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