Yagasu – Yagasu conducted mangrove tree planting activity inviting teachers and students of SMP (Junior High School) 32 PGRI Pulau Kampai in coastal area of Pulau Kampai Village, Langkat, North Sumatra on Friday, 19 November 2021

The mangrove tree planting activity, as described by Yagasu’s Social and Business Manager, Jodi Akbar, is one of regular work programs of the social and business division named Awareness Activity. Jodi explained that this program aims to introduce school students to mangrove ecosystem and teach them environmental awanerss so that they can understand the value of environmental sustainability from an early age. He also explained that in connection with the commemoration of the world tree day, this was the right moment to organize this program.

Before planting, Yagasu team presented Mangroves and their ecosystems and the benefits of Mangroves for the environment to the students. In addition, the students were also invited to play fun games to increase cohesiveness and practice their cooperation. “These games also aim to make students more cohesive and practice communication between them.” Jodi explained.

(Yagasu team was giving a presentation about mangrove ecosystem and its benefits for human’s life)

(Mangrove planting session with SMP (Junior High School) 32 PGRI Pulau Kampai students)

(Games session with the students to to increase cohesiveness and practice their cooperation skill)

This activity involved 7 Yagasu team members, 5 teachers, and 27 students of SMP 32 PGRI Pulau Kampai. After the presentation and game session in class, the planting process begins. In this session, participants will be grouped to take turns planting according to the instructions of the instructor. After the planting process completed, all students are welcome to clean up and take a break. The event was closed by giving prizes to the quiz winners, exchanging souvenirs, and taking a picture for documentation.


About Yagasu

Yagasu (Yayasan Gajah Sumatra) is a Non-Governmental Organization with over 21 years of practical experiences on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration and protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, capacity building, environmental education and local economic reconstruction through the facilitation of generating income for local communities on green livelihoods. Established on July 17, 2001, the organization initial concernwas Sumatra’s elephant conservation. In 2006, Yagasu changed its management structure and officially registered with Yagasu Aceh as its legal name. In recent years, yagasu has been focused on restoring mangrove restoration, environment and climate change, and local community empowerment in Aceh, North Sumatra, East Java, and Wet Java Province.