Yagasu Conducted Mangrove Forest Inventory with Local Government and Communities in 4 Villages in North Sumatra

Yagasu – In Collaboration with Village Government and Communities, Yagasu Conducted Inventory of Mangrove Forests in 4 Villages in North Sumatra

Yagasu (Yayasan Gajah Sumatra), in collaboration with the village government and communities, supported by GMT (Global Mangrove Trust), conducted inventory research of mangrove forests in 4 villages, including Pulau Kampai, Pangkalan Siata, Halaban, and Salahaji located in North Sumatra, Indonesia. The project was carried out from November 2022 until January 2023.


Forest inventory is the systematic collection of data and forest information for assessment or analysis. The research aims to assess the current status of the mangrove forests, including species, density, height, humidity, and the pH of water and soil.

Under the coordination of our Research and Monitoring Division, the research team has successfully measured 289 plots in total across the four villages. It is hoped that the data obtained would lay the ground for analysis and planning, constituting the basis for sustainable mangrove forest management.

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